Welcome to the registrar’s office at the University of Zakho

 Through this application you can request a transcript, graduation certificate, diploma (wall Certificate) and/or support letter. Most requests are processed within five working days, but it can take up to ten working days during peak periods. Though please note that providing accurate information will help a faster processing of your request. We offer all the documents in three Languages: Kurdish, English, and Arabic.

To be able to pick up your requested document, you must bring the following documents:

   1. A valid government-issued photo ID.

   2. A colored copy of passport biographic page.

   3. 4 personal photos.

   4. A receipt from the Accounting Department at the University of Zakho.

   5. The title page of your dissertation/thesis for MSc.  and Ph.D. students.

Please note that if someone else will pick up your requested document, then he/she must also bring a personal ID.

The following are the fees for the documents we provide. 

   Transcript: 50,000 Iraqi Dinar.

   Graduation Certificate: 50,000 Iraqi Dinar.

   Diploma: 50,000 Iraqi Dinar.

   Support Letter: 20,000 Iraqi Dinar.


Contact us:

For any question regarding your requested document or how to apply for a new request, email registrar@uoz.edu.krd or call +964 750 850 2551.